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The best part about open source apps is not even free – it’s a community-based open-source app. anyone can access and modify the source code in any way they choose. As an event management professional, you should enjoy such freedom; in the right hand, open source is a very valuable tool. Unfortunately, the open-source event planning scene is still in its early stages, so not many event management applications fall just under the open-source umbrella.

In this article, we will provide information about event management solution. Plan and track everything about your event with the in-depth services offered by Event rite. You do not pay anything for free events and only a small fee for paid ticket events. It’s worth the cost because it’s one of the most extensive tools out there that can do anything from organizing guest lists and ticket sales to real event planning.

Technically, there are two versions event management solution, a professional version designed to manage massive corporate-level events, and the original – VSIS Control standard, which is appropriate for events with 150 participants. Although it only has basic functions and is offered without any support, it’s free – and the perfect choice for non-commercial events. Shelter, so, BaseCamp is not technically open-source, and this is not a technical event management application. That said, many of the platform’s best features have been made into an open source offering, which in the right hand can be combined to build a great event planning suite. Though you have to be a bit of a tech expert (know some basic programming) to do something with their open-source offer.

The Espresso show is an interesting thing. It’s free, but not technically open source (although it’s developed for WordPress.) Still, it makes this list based on GNL development, and by the fact that – if you’re willing to pay a down payment Version – you’ll have access to a very development community Active and a great support network; two things are definitely worth the cash balance. That’s the article about Asia events¬†management solution that we can tell you everything may be useful.


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