Get to Know 5 Category of Cheese

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Cheese is one of best source of calcium for body but it also has high fats. Beause of that, you must be careful when choosing cheese, so you can still enjoy eating cheese without your weight increase drastically. Don’t let the cheese you eat produce more fat than junk food.

Before choosing a cheese, there are several categories of cheese you should know:


  • Fresh Cheese

The cheese that included in the category of fresh cheese is a cheese that has a short shelf life. The cheeses of the fresh cheese category are cottage cheese, ricotta, cream cheese, mascarpone, and mozzarella.

  • Semi Soft Cheese

Cheeses included in the semi-soft cheese category are Brie, Camembert, and processed cheese. This cheese is usually pale and can be sliced easily. Some semi-soft cheeses are flavored with dried vegetables or spices to add more flavor for the cheese.

  • Washed-rind Cheese

Washed-rind cheeses include Tallegio and Limburger. Washed-rind cheese is soaked in saltwater, wine, brandy, or liquor. The purpose of soaking process is to enhance a strong flavor, retain moisture cheese and change the color as well as cheese texture.

  • Blue Cheese

Blue cheese has a mark that makes it easy to recognise. The blue color comes from a blue mold that gives this cheese a very strong flavor. Cheese that include blue cheese category are gorgonzola, Danish blue cheese, and Roquefort. Because the texture is easily crushed, blue cheese is perfect for use in salads.

  • Preserved Cheese

The preserved cheese is a mixture of natural cheese with emulsifiers or artificial taste then processed in a preserved way to increase the shelf life of cheese. Cheeses included in this category are American cheese and cheese spreads.

When compared to all categories, the fresh cheese category is the most commonly consumed. If you like cream cheese, choose cream cheese brand from YUMMY because the quality of the cream cheese has been proven and you can easily get in supermarket.

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